Euro Gulf Switchgear

In qatar, we design assemble, perform works tests (routine tests) & supply a whole range of Low Voltage Switchgear from the simplest Distribution Board to the most complex multi-cubicle Switchboards.

All Switchgear & Control gear components used in our asemblies are from Droman Smith Swichgear Approved to ISO 9001 : 2008 and typetested to conform to the latest ISO Standards.


Euro Gulf Switchgear is well-equipped with the latest test equipment and Quality Control Systems are put in place to conduct routine tests to the latest standards. Other tests are also conducted under simulated conditions to ensure consistent quality of products.

All routine tests are conducted as per IEC standards and can be witnessed by Clients / Consultants at our facility. The results are then recorded and certificates are issued.

All test equipment are regularly maintained and calibrated from third party testing agencies in compliance with ISO requirements.

Testing & Quality Control

Design Capability

Euro Gulf Switchgear has a dedicated and qualified team of Engineers capable to design the products as per project specifications, customer needs, adhering to local and international standards.

Our design department is fully equipped and posses latest local regulation and international standards, product catalogues, manuals, qualification and conformity certificates for ready reference.

We have the state of the art computer network system and engineering drawings are prepared with the latest CAD software and are standardized with self developed libraries ry norms.